What Is A Resilience Ring?

Resilience Rings are a talisman of positivity for their wearer, dedicated to those who have gone through a separation or have begun the difficult process. No matter what that journey looks like, with change comes opportunity.

Simisma’s Resilience Rings are worn to remind you of all you've achieved and celebrate your bravery. After all you’ve been through, this is a ring to unabashedly celebrate you

Rings can be worn on any finger and can come in any color, shape, or size. This is a ring filled with the promise of the present and the future. Simply look at your hand whenever you need a quiet (or bold!) reminder of what you're capable of. 

Here at Simisma, we're so excited to share these handmade Resilience Rings with you. Our rings are as unique as you are, handmade by artisans and expertly picked to inspire.