Our Story

The idea for Simisma began with my own journey of resilience, my divorce. When I began the process everything seemed to be about loss. I lost my footing in the world. I lost the future I had planned.  Along the way, I nearly lost myself. 

I didn't feel like I was achieving much of anything, but in actuality, I was forging a brave new life. I wanted a reminder of all I had gained and the strength it took to get there. A reminder of the bravery and resilience it took to step away from what was familiar but toxic. A reminder that, yes it wasn’t all going to be easy, but I was ready to take it all on. A ring that was there to unabashedly celebrate me

As a buyer, I thought I'd have no trouble finding a company dedicated to a “Resilience Ring" for this major life change. Think again. 

Instead, I created a company of my own.

Here at Simisma, our mission is to inspire women who have gone through a divorce to live their most fulfilled life. Simisma comes from the Spanish word for "herself".  As in "she pulled herself up out of the darkness to revel in the uncharted territory." As in "she began to see herself and all she was capable of".

Woman Owned   Minority Owned   Based In Fort Worth, TX